SAS – Access to Software

If you’re learning to use SAS, whether at school or home, having access to the software on your own is a benefit. SAS has three different methods that you can use to access their Base software for free. This includes access to the SAS Base + SAS/STAT + SAS/IML for free. Some of the Time Series procedures are not available. I’m not sure why the Time Series procedures¬†are in their own package and not part of SAS/STAT.

The three different methods to access SAS for free are:

SAS University Edition – via download
SAS University Edition – via AWS
SAS Academics on Demand

Regardless of which method you choose, you will be interacting with SAS via SAS Studio which is a web based method of interacting with SAS. The browser is used to send commands to a server which sends the results back to your computer. In the downloaded version, the server is set up ‘virtually’ on a virtual machine on your computer. In AWS and AoD, the server is either on Amazon’s server or SAS’s servers. AWS can incur a charge, and will after 1 year after your initial set up. This is an Amazon restriction, free useage of their micro tier for 1 year. The charge estimates for Canada were approximately $8.64 a month
if the server was kept running 24/7. If you remember to suspend the instance when not using the charge will be less.  Other charges can be incurred if you transfer large data sets to AWS. AoD and SAS UE on desktop have no charge.

SAS UE that runs on your desktop ensures your data stays locally. However, if you work on
a multitude of computers, ie work, home, school and want access to your programs and data anywhere a cloud solution is your best option.

You have more control over the SAS on your computer, as you can set the RAM and make sure your computer is not working on anything else, if required. Your files are always available as text files on your desktop.

SAS provides some basic support for all of these versions via and

Disclosure: This post was not paid for and nor did I receive any benefits from SAS from posting.