Sample Work

SAS Presentations

Reporting from BASE SAS – Tips & Tricks (2011)

  • Indexes, Proc Means (Ways/Types), ODS Tagset Intro

Creating a TOC Using CSS (2011)

  • Creating a Table of Contents in Word document by styling text in standard Word formats and then using the auto format feature in Word.

Coordinating Complex Reports in SAS (2014)

Avoid Macros (2015)

  • FAQ for macro’s
    • Importing multiple files
    • Export multiple files
    • Splitting a SAS dataset
    • Calling Macro multiple times
  • Sample Code

Reports with Style from Excel

  • Examples of using ODS TAGSETS.EXCELXP features

Windows 7 and SAS 9.3

  • Highlight some new options available under Windows 7 and in SAS 9.3

Sample SAS code library on GitHub