Getting Data Into Excel from SAS

Proc Export vs Tagsets.ExcelXP

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the relevant differences:

Proc Export

  • Native Excel file
  • Fast(er)
  • Multiple worksheets, one file
  • One dataset per Sheet
  • No formats
  • No graphics


  • XML File, not XLSX
  • Slower than export
  • Multiple worksheets
  • Multiple output per sheet
  • Formatted output
  • Titles/Text embedded

Since Proc Export is well documented and varies significantly between systems, I won’t go into that here.

For Tagsets.ExcelXP I highly recommend the following paper as a reference. It indexes the majority of the Tagsets.ExcelXP features and provides the appropriate page reference in the relevant paper. If you’re having issues with Tagsets.ExcelXP this is the best reference to answer your question.

Another common response to Tagsets.ExcelXP questions, where something isn’t work as expected, is that the latest version of Tagsets.ExcelXP is not installed. To download the current version, see here: