Working in Government – Positives

5 reasons that its nice to work in government:

  1. Job Stability: I belong to a union. The odds of being laid off are very slim, once I past probation and unless your a total idiot they generally work with you or find a position that fits your skill set.
  2. Contribute to Society: the things I work on have an effect on peoples lives. I can help make decisions that improve peoples lives and future well-being. Most of the time this effect is visible in the short term, though once in a while it will take years to see the effect.
  3. Work – Life Balance: Rarely do I have to work overtime, and if I do, I get the time back. Additionally, I work a very regular 8-4:30 schedule that leaves me time to schedule life. Also, I’m on a alternate work arrangement schedule that allows me to work a little extra every day and then take every third Friday off. That means at least one long weekend every month, in addition to the mandatory statutory holidays. It also means that second jobs are manageable.
  4. Defined-Benefit Pension: Retiree’s today from the governments defined benefit contribution plan have a very healthy payback. This means that you can save less in an RRSP. The contribution levels are high, about 11%, and it remains to be seen if the plan is in place when I’m ready to retire. Assuming I stay with government for that long.
  5. Low Expectations: Let’s face it, the best and brightest rarely go in to government. The salary and opportunities are lacking. There isn’t a lot of competition to be the best in your field or area. This could equally be nice or bad so I’m gonna call it a tie.
  6. Variability: Depending on what Ministry or area your workload shifts as things become popular. This means priorities can shift at a moments notice, but it also means you get to work on different and interesting things.
  7. Make sure to read my post on Working in Government – Negatives

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