A rose by any other name….

I have a Masters in Statistics. This means I spent at least 6 years studying statistics at some university (University of Alberta) and know a few things about stats.  All of this allows me to label myself a ‘statistician’.  However, in the past 9 years that I’ve been working I don’t believe my job title has ever been a statistician.  I have been a:

  • Risk Analyst
  • Resource Analyst
  • Biostatistician
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Methodologist

Biostatistician is the closest title to statistician; all of the positions were very numbers oriented and all of them taught me very different things that have come in useful in my career.  I will say, that even though all of them were numbers oriented, one thing they all required was clear and concise communication skills. Something I’m still working on.

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